4th general meeting

Date: Tuesday, October 22

Time: 6:30-7:30 pm

Location: UTC 1.102

Sponsor: EY

our mission

Women in Business Association (WBA) strives to increase members’ knowledge of and involvement in the world of business in numerous ways. First, we invite educated and experienced women from a variety of different fields, including finance, accounting, management information systems, supply chain, technology, and more. Members are encouraged to interact with our invited speakers to promote rapport within our organization as well as gain an increased understanding of what it is like to have a business career. We also place a heavy emphasis on professional development through networking opportunities, technical workshops, and informative events that can help guide female undergraduates through the recruiting process. In addition, we focus on building personal connections between our members through unique social, fundraising, and community service events, so members can build a circle of friends and mentors. As a note, we are open to ALL majors, generally anybody who is interested in pursuing a career in business.


we strive to...

1) Educate women about the business world through our corporate speakers in order to foster professionalism and growth in our aspiring female undergraduates

2) Provide our members with helpful career guidance

3) Engage in meaningful philanthropy that positively impacts the lives of those in our direct community and beyond, with an emphasis on female-focused service

4) Build personal networks for our members by hosting fun social events and unique fundraising activities

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As a WBA member, I will gain...


1) Ability to engage in discussions with corporate sponsors, mostly from Fortune 500, at general meetings

2) Participate in technical workshops

3) Learn about different career fields

4) Learn helpful recruiting and networking tips


1) Be mentored by a member of Graduate Women in Business

2) Receive mentorship that is tailored to your career interest from upperclassmen and other experienced people in the organization through our Career Groups


1) Combine arts and crafts with service at on-campus events

2) Attend unique, off-campus community service events


1) Become part of a "family" in order to meet new people and build your personal network

2) Attend fun socials that bring a personal flavor to your organizational involvement

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